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Illuminati Satanist confirmed

Stellina / Jul 05, 2016

On Sunday we had our “Who’s Bigger” contest with 4 brave contenders stepping up to compete in the event. Competition was Fierce, I think Blowjob felt he had it in the bag then This Delcraan Guy appeared and delivered the winning parse before going afk to eat Pizza (True story) on returning from his dinner he was declared the champion earning himself the grand title of Illuminati 21.

  • 1ST Delcraan (Time 2 mins 23 DPS 6985)
  • 2nd Blowjob (Time 2 mins 27 DPS 6790)
  • 3RD Starkiller (Time 3mins 4 DPS 5429)
  • 4th Berethor (Time 3 mins 8 DPS 5365)

Here are the screen shots of the parses.

Stellinas Storytime

As we are all keen to participate in the Dark v Light event for the next few weeks we will be working on some of the achievements.

This Wednesday we will be focussing on:

  • Giant Killer, Killing the world bosses.
  • Dreaded news, Killing 50 NPC’S in Oricon
  • Dragon Slayer, We will clear Karaggas palace (This is the only operation we have to fully clear) the rest of the operations we will only do the bosses we need for the achievement.

Requirements for Stellina's Storytime:

You must be level 50
You must be on teamspeak
Download Starparse – this just gives you a chance to see how you compare with others in the group

Sign up here

Hardmode raid of weekly priority

Doom / Deathblade will be running the highlighted weekly operation on hard mode you can sign up here

Please read his rules before signing up.


Sign up for more Galactic carnage with Hubik and Deathblade GSF night Wednesday at 7pm
This is a good chance to get your 5 games played with your Dark V Light character to earn the achievement.
Sign up here

Guild Events

  • Wednesday 6th GSF 7pm
  • Wednesday 6th Giant Killer 9pm
  • Wednesday 6th Planetary Heroic farming 9pm
  • Saturday 9th Dragon Slayer Saturday 8pm
  • Feel free to add events to the calendar – if you make them then you are expected to run them in accordance with our guild rules.

Dark V Light Event

It appears we have some die hard players in our guild there are people on their 3rd and 4th characters now I must say I am impressed with the speed people can level.
It’s great to see people grouping up and working their way through the content and sharing their ideas and helping one another. Doom has started this forum post for us to share any hints or tips to help work our way through the achievements faster.

I feel proud to be part of Outbreak and would like to thank you guys for being so amazing.

A few of us working towards our Gree achievement with Azyre on his level 25

Planetary Heroic Farming

If you complete 5 planetary Heroics with your Niko companion on your Dark V light character you will earn an achievement.
Planetary heroic weekly farming is a nice credit generator and sometimes you can earn conquest also. If you wish to take part this week meet on TeamSpeak in the Planetary Heroic Farming channel at 9pm and we will team up in groups of 4 to do the weekly planetary heroics.

Raiding Teams

  • If you are looking for a raid team please apply to this thread
  • Early Birds are recruiting a tank & ranged damage dealer they raid Tuesday and Thursday 6.30 – 9.30pm if you are interested speak to Animal
  • Andromeda are looking for damage dealers and a healer they raid Tuesday and Thursday 8pm - 11pm if you are interested please speak to Deathblade.
  • The Mangos are recruiting a damage dealer please read this thread and speak to Elyvan if you think you have the skills and are interested. Or apply here
  • The Newcomers raid team - This team is currently looking for a leader as CptCommando is unable to commit to leading in the mean time I suggest players sign up to Stellina's story time. If you are interested in leading this team or joining please speak to Stellina or reply to this thread

Guild Management

Congratulations to Alevena who has been promoted to High Council this is due to all the hard work and effort Alevena puts into running the administrative side of the guild and events. I will be letting Alevena loose on the guild news from time to time so watch out for her news.

Congratulations to Nevateri who has been promoted to Ambassador rank as she would like to help more with recruitment and guild events.

The people who can invite to guild are Kappa, Ambassadors, High Council and Guild Master please try and whisper someone who is not in a warzone or raid when wanting invites. I am temporarily giving master rank the ability to invite as there may be players wanting to invite their alts for the Dark/Light side event if I notice this being abused then I will withdraw the powers to invite.

Management Vacancies:
  • I am looking for someone to lead the weekly priority hard mode raid, are you free on Wednesdays at 8pm and familiar with the Outbreak 16 man loot rules. Do you have knowledge of the operations and feel comfortable leading a team? If so please speak to Stellina.
  • I am looking for someone to lead the Newcomers raid team.

Thank you

  • Thank you to those who deposited mats and plans in the guild bank.
  • Magnapanetti 212,121 credit donation

Best Wishes



how could magma win contest? I heard hes trash
I used polak's secret rotation
I let him win of course, I wouldn't want him to have the feeling he is all trash, so I ruined my 1st parse for him, 3 mins after his parse I showed him who the real DPS master is :P

Now without kidding, gratz on the win delcran, it was a really good parse and a deserved win ^^

Delcran is such a pleb that simply he broke starparse 😂 You think illuminati satanist title is random...😋
*Delcran is so great , gz thx for invite
Delcran is good dps, best dps for sure. I am 99% sure he will proudly wear this rank
Yes he proudly wore the rank and now the rank has been removed to make way for some new ranks!

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