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The Plague Bearer

Alevena / Jul 31, 2016

Rakghoul Event is back! This time the monsters are awaiting on Corelia, so you can get your reputation and kills on that planet. It also means that The Plague Bearer achievement from Dark vs Light event is now available to get! All you need to do is to get infected by a Rakghoul plague (just stand still for a minute somewhere on the fleet, everyone are infecting others now!) and then wait till 3 stages of the infection will pass. You will explode and infect all the healthy people around you. You need to get 5 people infected by yourself to get the achievement.

Beside the DvL achievements, there are a few regular ones to get. Berethor defeated the last few players in the infected tunnels area and got his Elite Plague Research Defender, congratulations! You need to kill 100 players in Rakghoul area to get that one, here's the screenshot:

There's also a hidden PVP achievement for infecting 1000 players with the Rakghoul plague (Mobile Contagion). Good luck with getting yours!

We still need replacements for AWOL players within raid teams. If you feel ready for raiding and want to join a raid team, this is a place for you! We have plenty of spots on various difficulty level.

Team Vacancies

  • Andromeda (Hard Mode Progression) are recruiting a DPS and Healer they raid Tuesday & Thursday 8pm – 11pm speak to Deathblade if interested or apply via the website or pm him.
  • Earlybirds (Hard Mode Progression) are recruiting a Tank and DPS they raid Tuesday & Thursday 6.30pm – 9.30pm speak to Animal if interested of apply via the website or pm him.
  • Mangos (Nightmare Progression) are recruiting a DPS they raid Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday 7pm – 10pm speak to Elyvan if interested or apply via the website or pm him.
  • Twisted (Nightmare progression) are recruiting a Tank and Healer they raid Tuesday & Thursday 7pm – 10pm speak to Ozzy or Doom if interested or apply via the website or pm them. (Ozzy is currently afk so Doom is acting raid leader until Ozzy returns)

Dark V Light vacancies

We still have some room left in our guild to accept new players wanting to leech extra rewards while they level their republic characters.

We offer you the following benefits:
  • Fully unlocked guild ship.
  • Guild bank.
  • Team speak.
  • People to group up with.
  • 10% XP Bonus for being in our guild.

If you are interested in joining us then please apply via the website or ask for an invite in game.

Dark v Light event farming

Flashpoints (especially hard mode ones) will require groups of 4 to be done quickly and painlessly. That's why I encourage you all to sign up for the event achievements farming, it's the opportunity to be more social with other members and get those titles more easily than with a pug group.

You must be level 65

Sign up here

Hardmode raid of weekly priority

Next week's priority operation will be Terror From Beyond. It is a nice way of getting 224 gear and I believe we all need that!

This event still needs a leader, if you feel you are up for the job and can lead the team through operations, speak to Stellina.

You can sign up here

GSF Night

This is the perfect chance to get your Dark v Light GSF achievement of playing 5 matches, so hesitate no more and get on your ship!

Sign up for more Galactic carnage with Hubik and Deathblade GSF Night Wednesday at 7pm
Sign up here

Guild Events

  • Wednesday 3rd GSF 7pm
  • Wednesday 3rd HM raid of weekly priority (SnV) 8pm
  • Wednesday 3rd Dark v Light hard mode flash point farm 9pm
  • Wednesday 3rd Planetary Heroic farming 9pm
  • Saturday 6th 8 man Saturday (TfB) 8pm
  • Feel free to add events to the calendar – if you make them then you are expected to run them in accordance with our guild rules.

Ops group rules
  • Be on Teamspeak in the sixteen man Saturday channel
  • Be on Outbreak Starparse
  • Have suitable gear
  • Know tactics

Planetary Heroic Farming

Planetary heroic weekly farming is a nice credit generator and sometimes you can earn conquest also. If you wish to take part this week meet on TeamSpeak in the Planetary Heroic Farming channel at 9pm and we will team up in groups of 4 to do the weekly planetary heroics.
It is also a nice and fast way of levelling DvL characters, both on Republic and Imperial sides.

Guild Management

The people who can invite to guild are Kappa, Ambassadors, High Council and Guild Master, please try and whisper someone who is not in a warzone or raid when wanting invites. The master ranks are temporarily given the ability to invite as there may be players wanting to invite their alts for the Dark/Light side event, if I notice this being abused then I will withdraw the powers to invite.

Management Vacancies:

  • I am looking for someone to lead the weekly priority hard mode raid, are you free on Wednesdays at 8pm and familiar with the Outbreak 16 man loot rules. Do you have knowledge of the operations and feel comfortable leading a team? If so please speak to Stellina.
  • I am looking for someone to lead the Newcomers raid team.

Other News

For new players' information, there are various PVE quests within the Rakghoul Event, and also an one-boss operation. It's called The Eyeless and it can be done both on story and hard modes.

There are also 11 different infected pets that you can gather!

For your information Outbreak is 973 this week. That means 27 left spots for new people before we hit 1000. The counting has started, hurry up!

Thank you

  • Thank you to those who deposited mats and plans in the guild bank.
  • Bludd'n'guttz for your kind 100,000 credits donation.
  • Elektromonk for your two kind 21,021 credits donations.
  • Berethor for providing nice screenshots for the news.

Best wishes,



Gratz Beretor!
Gz Berethor xxx

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