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Knights of the Eternal Throne

Alevena / Aug 14, 2016

Have you already done Chapter XVI? What do you think about it? Was it worth all the waiting? It aired this week which means you can complete The Battle of Odessen in your Dark vs Light achievements! Also, the next expansion has been revealed. It's called Knights of the Eternal Throne and will be released this fall. Are you excited for it?

And, if we are talking about achievements, I am happy to report that The Collector farming event went great! 10 people showed up and 8 got their achievements, that's an impressive number. It was great to see that there are still people who needed the achievement and came for farming datacrons. For those of you who could not make it, there are five event datacrons on:

  • Ilum
  • Makeb
  • Nar Shaada
  • Oricon
  • Voss

There are some screenshots from The Collector farming:

Stellina's Storytime

Stellina's storytimes is temporarily replaced with Dark V Light Hardmode flash point farming.
Meet up on teamspeak at 9pm in the Stellina’s story time channel and we will sort into groups and farm the Hardmode Flashpoints.

Requirements for Stellina's Storytime:

You must be level 65
You must be on teamspeak

Sign up here

GSF (+DvL Event)

Sign up for more Galactic carnage with Hubik and Deathblade GSF night Wednesday at 7pm
A perfect way of getting DvL achievement if you have't got it!
Sign up here

Guild Events

  • Wednesday 17th GSF 7pm
  • Wednesday 17th HM raid of weekly priority 8pm
  • Wednesday 17th Stellina's Story Time 9pm
  • Wednesday 17th Planetary Heroic farming 9pm
  • Saturday 20th Sixteen man Saturday 8pm
  • Feel free to add events to the calendar – if you make them then you are expected to run them in accordance with our guild rules.

Sixteen Man Saturday

Sixteen Man Saturday is back! Yesterday Outbreak did first 16man hardmode operation after the break connected with Dark vs Light farming. The night was great fun and lots of new faces showed up, including Magv's son, who I am pleased to welcome in the guild. The highlighted operation was Karagga's Palace. Some time before the raid the signed tank informed that he will not make it. The rescue came quickly:

Everything went nice and smoothly. Best quote of the night:

Stellina: God, I always get lost in Karagga's Palace.
Deathblade: Just follow the tank.
Stellina: I am the tank.

Please sign up here

Ops group rules
  • Be on Teamspeak in the sixteen man Saturday channel
  • Be on Outbreak Starparse
  • Have suitable gear
  • Know tactics

Planetary Heroic Farming

Planetary heroic weekly farming is a nice credit generator and sometimes you can earn conquest also. If you wish to take part this week meet on TeamSpeak in the Planetary Heroic Farming channel at 9pm and we will team up in groups of 4 to do the weekly planetary heroics

Raiding Teams

  • Andromeda are looking for damage dealers and a healer they raid Tuesday and Thursday 8pm - 11pm if you are interested please speak to Deathblade.
  • If you are looking for a raid team please apply to this thread
  • With regret I have to inform you that Early Birds have disbanded due to the lack of players and a raid leader. If there is anyone who feels comfortable and has experience with leading a team, please come forward as there will be people willing to form a raid team for sure.

Guild Management

The people who can invite to guild are Kappa, Ambassadors, High Council and Guild Master please try and whisper someone who is not in a warzone or raid when wanting invites. I am temporarily giving master rank the ability to invite as there may be players wanting to invite their alts for the Dark/Light side event if I notice this being abused then I will withdraw the powers to invite.

Management Vacancies:
  • I am looking for someone to lead the weekly priority hardmode raid, are you free on Wednesdays at 8pm and familiar with the Outbreak 16 man loot rules. Do you have knowledge of the operations and feel comfortable leading a team? if so please speak to Stellina.
  • I am looking for someone to lead the Newcomers raid team.
  • I am looking for someone with raid leading experience to come forward and form a new progression team.

Other news

Look, Doom has made a new droid. It's a Doom Droid!

Thank you

  • Thank you to those who deposited mats and plans in the guild bank.
  • Wingoda for your kind 1,000,000 credit donation.
  • Elektromonk for your kind four 21,021 credit donations.
  • Lightbeams for your kind 21,021 credit donation.
  • Stellina and Mistermeowgi for running the Collector Event

Best wishes,



Yes I solo tanked it was nice to bring the elite players in the guild down a peg or two by wiping us on Foreman Crusher!
It was all Magv's fault that we wiped :P
Oh yes I forgot Raxnaa did respec as offtank thanks for that.

Still its all Magv's fault!
Thanks for letting me in, the raid was great fun and i enjoied it, even though Magv wiped all of us ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Need to work one Doom Droid two now

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