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Outbreak reaches 1000 members & Berethor is The Torqueist!

Stellina / Sep 04, 2016

Congratulations and celebrations to Outbreak for reaching our 1000 member cap. We had to have a clear out to make some room to invite new members from Grey Company, Welcome to the guild guys!

Last Saturday the highlighted weekly was Ravagers, Ozzy lead a team of people to Master and blaster earning Berethor his Defeating Torque achievement. What a hero he survived the fire! Congratulations.

Outbreak also completed its first 16 man Revan Hardmode Sales run we had 2 wealthy buyers and it was a very profitable transaction for all those involved.

Stellinas Storytime

This week we will be concentrating on farming hard mode flashpoints to earn the Dark V Light legendary flashpoint master achievement.
If you are still needing achievements then sign up here

Requirements for Stellina's Storytime:
You must be level 65
You must be on teamspeak
Download Starparse – this just gives you a chance to see how you compare with others in the group

Guild Events

  • Wednesday 7th Stellina's Story Time 9pm sign up here
  • Wednesday 7th Planetary Heroic farming 9pm sign up here
  • Saturday 10th Sixteen man Saturday 8pm sign up here
  • Feel free to add events to the calendar – if you make them then you are expected to run them in accordance with our guild rules.

Sixteen Man Saturday

Due to the summer the last few weeks have been 8man runs I am hoping this week we will get 16 people together for this weeks highlighted hard mode operation. Thank you to Ozzy and Deathblade for running the events while I have been on holiday.
Here is a video of the Torque kill from last Saturday:

Ops group rules
  • Be on Teamspeak in the sixteen man Saturday channel
  • Be on Outbreak Starparse
  • Have suitable gear
  • Know tactics

Planetary Heroic Farming

Planetary heroic weekly farming is a nice credit generator and sometimes you can earn conquest also. If you wish to take part this week meet on TeamSpeak in the Planetary Heroic Farming channel at 9pm and we will team up in groups of 4 to do the weekly planetary heroics

Raiding Teams
  • If you are looking for a raid team please apply to this thread
  • Andromeda are looking for damage dealers and a healer they raid Tuesday and Thursday 8pm - 11pm if you are interested please speak to Deathblade.
  • Twisted are recruiting a damage dealer for Nightmare progression and Hard mode Revan and Cortarni. They raid Tuesday and Thursday 7pm – 10pm if you are interested please speak to Ozzy.

Guild Management

I have the following Management Vacancies:
  • I am looking for someone to lead the weekly priority hard mode raid, are you free on Wednesdays at 8pm? Do you have knowledge of the operations and feel comfortable leading a team? If so please speak to Stellina.
  • I am looking for someone to lead a Newcomers raid team this raid team will start with story mode operations and progress to hard mode raiding a great opportunity for beginners.
  • I am sad to announce that Hubik has resigned as GSF leader Deathblade also lacks the time to run GSF I am now looking for a new GSF leader speak to Stellina if you are interested in taking up this role.

Our Revan 16man sales run kill thank you to Monk for organising it

Thank you

  • Thank you to those who deposited mats and plans in the guild bank.
  • Thank you to those who deposited credits in the guild bank.
  • Alevena for writing the last few weeks of guild news.
  • Ozzy and Deathblade for running the sixteen man Saturdays.

Best Wishes



pff, that's old news, yesterday i finaly got an achive for killing Counsil HM, nim still left. can anyone take me in DP nim?) and i guess some ppl have beed removed from guild and it's less than 1000 now :P
We had to clear some out to make room for the new people coming from Grey company
to Ozzy and Ayvin and others, fix your UI!
Awsome tutorial! Except I don't really give a crap about my UI, my outfits, my mounts, etc 😁
Just kills and SP numbers 😇
If | am not 100% bored most likely my next recording will also have a messed up UI
@beretor yeah sure council nim with guildie discount won't be very expensive Kappa
Yeah beretor ask elektrocurt for inv
i'll pay 21 credit Each for this! yeah, i'm that much generous!
Thats a good deal
Add a few 0 at the end , gz thx for invite
by few he means 7

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