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Fall has come, raiders will follow!

Alevena / Sep 28, 2016

Fall has entered our world so we all said our goodbyes to the summer. We will miss you dearly, I am sure we will. But that means less AWOL and AKF people and even more things happening on the event callendar. Yes, please!

I am pleased to welcome new people within the guild that has been recruited. I am sure you will all adjust to us in your own special way. If you want to commit yourself to progression raiding, you have a perfect opportunity. Go sign up for raids on the events calendar and if you are looking for a raid team then apply to the looking for raid thread found here.
We are waiting for you!

Outbreak Armory

Our Armory page has been outdated for some time do it's time to make a new one!
Jay has kindly come forward to update it with the crafting list and those in the guild that can craft. If you would like to be added to the armory page as a crafter then please reply to this thread and Jay will include you on the crafting list.

Outbreak Armory

Stellinas Storytime

This Wednesday on Stellina's Storytime we will be concentrating on farming hard mode flashpoints to earn the Dark V Light legendary flashpoint master achievement as event might be coming to an end.
If you are still needing achievements then sign up here

Requirements for Stellina's Storytime:

You must be level 65
You must be on teamspeak
Download Starparse – this just gives you a chance to see how you compare with others in the group

Monday Madness

Are you new to the guild and would like to meet other players? are you wanting to gain raiding experience or try out a new spec or rotation?

Monday Madness is the perfect opportunity to do this sign up to the event here and post a comment indicating your preferred operation Jay will lead you into battle against the most popular requests.

Guild Events

  • Monday 26th Monday Madness 8pm sign up here
  • Wednesday 28st Stellina's Story Time 9pm sign up here
  • Wednesday 28st Planetary Heroic farming 9pm sign up here
  • Saturday 1st Sixteen man Saturday 8pm sign up here
  • Feel free to add events to the calendar – if you make them then you are expected to run them in accordance with our guild rules.

Sixteen Man Saturday

This week the highlighted ops was everyone's favourite Eternity Vault.

Let them fly!

The lava never bothered me anyway.

Neither did the funny puzzles.

Then the party moved on to Eyeless event boss and killed it in a perfect style, congratulations to those getting achievements.

Quote of the night:

Ozzy: Damn I just wasted my force inbalance on a mind trap to free Stellina!
Stellina: I thought you were my BFF!

Next week's highlighted ops is Scum and Villiany Hardmode - that means 7 bosses to beat so please be on time to raid and come prepare. We will take a break at 8.30 for people to grab drinks but will try to limit the afks so we get a chance to complete the operation as it's a long one.

Ops group rules
  • Be on Teamspeak in the sixteen man Saturday channel
  • Be on Outbreak Starparse
  • Have suitable gear
  • Know tactics

Planetary Heroic Farming

Planetary heroic weekly farming is a nice credit generator and sometimes you can earn conquest also. If you wish to take part this week meet on TeamSpeak in the Planetary Heroic Farming channel at 9pm and we will team up in groups of 4 to do the weekly planetary heroics

Raiding Teams

  • If you are looking for a raid team please apply to this thread
  • Andromeda are looking for damage dealers and a healer they raid Tuesday and Thursday 8pm - 11pm if you are interested please speak to Deathblade.
  • Twisted are recruiting two ranged damage dealers and one backup healer for Nightmare progression and Hard mode Revan and Cortarni. They raid Tuesday and Thursday 8pm – 11pm if you are interested please speak to Ozzy.
  • Bananas decided to go on holidays as the hot banana summer has unfortunately ended. They might be back around the new expansion, but for now they are having a break.

Twisted News

Mistermeowgi and Faero took Twisted on a trip to Mango Island. Gz to Twisted for their Coratani kill in 8man hardmode!

Guild Management

I have the following Management Vacancies:

  • I am looking for someone to lead the weekly priority hard mode raid, are you free on Wednesdays at 8pm? Do you have knowledge of the operations and feel comfortable leading a team? If so please speak to Stellina.
  • I am looking for a new GSF leader speak to Stellina if you are interested in taking up this role.

Thank you

  • Thank you to those who deposited mats and plans in the guild bank.
  • Thank you to those who deposited credits in the guild bank.

Best Wishes




Fall? However very American of you. In the meantime, it does fell like Autumn has arrived.
We are a multi cultural guild fall/autumn its all the same thing really but when it comes to time zones there is only one true time zone! Stellina time :P
um er ah eh...multi cultural guild bar america as they are the traitors...

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