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Guild Rules

These aren’t rules per se and very few of them will be rigidly enforced; they are intended to be behaviour guidelines. We want the guild to be a happy environment for everyone, whilst maintaining a positive image of the guild within the game as a whole.

If you feel anyone has been behaving inappropriately please let me or a Peacekeeper know and we will address the issue.

  1. Don’t be an arse. Don’t be offensive, racist, homophobic, sexist etc. I WILL NOT tolerate any kind of bullying in this guild, and if I hear about it you WILL be removed from the guild.
  2. Just as we expect civility between members in guild, we also expect you to present a good “public face” of the guild when out and about in game or pugging. Try not to be offensive to others or bad-mouth people, don’t troll, don't ninja-loot etc.
  3. While we accept that we are all adults, some people are more sensitive than others so don’t go overboard with the profanity and avoid subjects that commonly devolve into arguments - that is for whispers not gchat.
  4. Don’t take advantage of other guildies.
  5. At the same time, please DO help others out – I would (ideally) like the whole guild to be a good example of paying it forward where people know they can get the help they need, and those people then help the next guy.
  6. Recruits need to log in at least every 14 days - if you can't manage that, you're not serious about wanting to be in the guild.
  7. Members are expected to log in at least once a month we do have an Alt guild named Altbreak for any members wanting a home for characters they do not log often.

If you join Outbreak, you will be expected to have read these guidelines and be prepared to act according to them. You will be removed if your behaviour is unacceptable.